Chapter 6

From the front of the station, I could hear slightly raised voices. Searching with my mind, I knew that the receptionist and Bud Dearborn were the welcoming party to three vampires.With my gift I could pick up the thoughts from the humans, which just about now were squarely on the fear and anger side, and the void of silence that was the unique register of the vampires.In my cell, I couldn’t hear the words but could tell that the conversation was edgy. In his head, Sheriff Dearborn was weighing his options. He didn’t quite know what Eric’s position in the vampire world was, but he knew he had trouble on his hands. With two other vampires in tow, Eric’s visit seemed much more official or like a show of force. Bud also correctly gathered that Eric wasn’t here to bust me out. Darn it. Continue reading

Chapter 5

I thought my humiliation was complete after the drive through town. Everybody gawked as they recognized me in the back of the police car. I thought about hiding my face, but decided to keep my chin held high.

With Sam coming to the station behind me, I felt more confident and started shielding so that could get some space to think before sitting down for the interrogation. From what I could gather from Alcee, he was really gearing up for a show. I would to stop thinking of all the things I could be (and have been) guilt of. I could not let those ghosts haunt me for the next few hours. I was really hoping it would be hours. I wanted to be back out of jail before sundown. I could not imagine having to talk to Eric from behind bars. No sir. Continue reading

Chapter 4

Shit. Shit. Shit. I nearly fainted, but somehow I stayed vertical and opened the door. I could only hope that my face did not betray me. This was definitely an “Oh shit” moment and not the first of the day. After so many years of practice hiding my reactions to hearing people’s thoughts, I had gotten pretty good at keeping my face blank, but I wasn’t sure any amount of practice had prepared me for this. Continue reading

Chapter 3

Leaning against a police cruiser were the Three Stooges. Surely there was no need for all three of them. And why on earth did they come here so early in the morning. I looked down at Sam, who let out a little whimper.

Sheriff Dearborn was the first to see me and took a step toward us, as we emerged from the woods.

“Out for a walk this morning, Sookie? Dog sitting?”

“You could say that.” Continue reading

Chapter 2

Sam had shifted into his collie form, likely to give me some feeling of privacy. I could appreciate that. I hesitated for a bit. I might have worked out how I felt about using the cluviel dor on Sam in my head while talking to Gran’s grave, but I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to have that talk with him yet.

Since Sam had shifted, maybe he wasn’t ready for that either. Even in his collie form, Sam looked sad. I couldn’t shut him out now just because this was going to be awkward. Continue reading

Chapter 1

My eyes popped open at the harsh cry of a bluejay. If they weren’t such a nice blue, I’d have Jason take care of them for me. Despite the morning light pouring in through my window, it felt like danger was lurking just outside.

I had been dreaming again and again of seeing Sam slashed straight through with the sword, time standing still, and the cluviel dor making my one wish come true. Each time, I felt my relief, but someone else’s anger. It was Eric’s. Like the blood bond was back, I could feel the undercurrent of his emotion. It was fierce, strong, and unforgiving. Continue reading