Chapter 13

My mind felt sluggish as I tried to think back to the night Eric gave me a primer on vampire politics. So much had happened since then. That night, Appius and Alexei had appeared at my window, throwing us into our current tail spin. Well, one of them at least. Eric and I knew there was trouble the minute of their arrival, but we hadn’t fully appreciated the scope.

The unstable Russian royal had been a handful to say the least. Appius’ parting gift, his marriage contract for Eric to Freyda, was the real sticking point. For the millionth time, I thanked my stars that Eric’s maker was dead and gone. I still wasn’t sure that Eric and I were on the same page with that, but this was something where we could agree to disagree. Well, ignore it at least. After living nearly 1000 years, Eric had a decidedly practical perspective on regret, which is to say he didn’t have any. I wondered if he would regret losing me if it came to that. Continue reading