A different DEAD tale to tell…In the lead up to Book 13, there was a little snafu and word got out.

After hearing the scuttlebutt, I opted to forgo my pre-order and found myself writing a different, transformative ending. We’ll see how this little adventure on the wild (and often) dark side treats one of my favorite small town girls.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. np just worried. you would stop b/c if you dont have enough people in interested it. thats all . its very good . i want you keep do it. thanks for keep going. makes me happy

  2. Loving the story! I’m always checking here for the next installment because it’s that good. No need to rush it — I’m happy to savor it all!

    • Yes! Sorry for the delay! I broke my ankle a couple weeks ago…and while I’ve been off my feet, I haven’t been writing much. I’ll have a post up this week 🙂 More in store!

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